Are CBD and Hemp Oil the Same Thing?

If you are new to the realm of natural oils or you’re navigating the world of cannabis you are bound to come across both CBD and hemp oil. Sometimes these two terms are even used interchangeably, which only makes the issue more confusing. Another reason for the confusion is due to the fact that “hemp” is a word people frequently use to talk about recreational and medical marijuana. The vocabulary involved in the cannabis industry can be somewhat overwhelming at first. It’s important to understand the differences between hemp oil and CBD oil because they are used for different purposes.

The Main Differences

One of the first differences between CBD oil and hemp oil is the source. As could be expected, hemp oil is always derived from the hemp plant rather than marijuana. Hemp is a form of cannabis sativa, but unlike marijuana it has traditionally been grown for industrial uses like making paper and rope. CBD oil can be made from marijuana and hemp, but it will contain higher levels of THC if the oil came from a marijuana plant. CBD oil made from marijuana plants is currently illegal in many states due to higher THC levels.

Hemp oil is made using a press. Hemp seeds don’t have THC, although the leaves do have a small amount. Occasionally some trace amounts of THC might end up in hemp oil due to the plant matter adhering to the seeds before pressing takes place. Sometimes the oil is made from other parts of the hemp plant, and in that case, it is common to see low levels of THC. Hemp seed oil has been available on the shelves of health food stores for quite some time. Unlike CBD oil, it contains omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants. It is also commonly used for skin care and cooking.

CBD oil is a newer product that for a while has only been sold at marijuana dispensaries, and its uses are incredibly versatile. CBD oil has anti-inflammatory properties and is often ingested through food such as gummies. It can also be smoked or applied to skin. CBD oil is great for pain relief, anxiety and stress, and many health conditions including epilepsy. CBD oil is most often extracted from hemp, and is similar to hemp oil, because hemp generally has little THC. CBD oil can be derived from the stalks, flowers, and leaves of a cannabis plant which is why it’s classification varies. What part the oil was derived from will determine potential THC levels and classify it as either marijuana or hemp based.

If you accidentally got CBD oil and hemp oil confused it wouldn’t be the worst mistake. The main drawback would be that you would miss out on the advantages and benefits of CBD. There is also a risk that some oil claiming to be CBD is actually just hemp oil—so always check the label and ingredients.



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