Does CBD Help with Headaches?

Almost everyone has experienced the dull throbbing pain of a headache. This is a common experience. Whether you’re sick, sleep deprived, dehydrated, or you’ve just had a long stressful day at work. Although these headaches may not be too severe or debilitating, it can be annoying. When you get these headaches it’s fairly common to reach for the pain reliever in your medicine cabinet. For most people that’s enough. However, using these magic pain relieving pills too often can have adverse effects on other parts of your body.

Tension headaches are the most common type of headache that people experience. More than half of the human population will experience a headache of some kind every year. If you’re someone who experiences this problem on a regular basis you might be searching for a more natural remedy to relieve the pain. CBD is often used for its pain relieving properties.
Headaches are most often caused by inflammation in the neck and head. CBD is able to help relieve headaches when localized endocannabinoid receptors decrease the inflammation that causes the headache.

Migraine Research

Most of the research we have involves migraines, which are often a little more severe and slightly less common than normal tension headaches. Migraines usually involve intense pain on one side of the head, sensitivity to light, sounds, and smells, and even nausea and vomiting. Tension headaches involve a dull constant pain that is typically on both sides of head. Tension headaches usually only last 30 minutes to several hours at most, but migraines may go on from 4 hours to several days.

In a study conducted by the European Academy of Neurology, researchers found that CBD was more effective than prescription pain medications at reducing migraine pain. It’s not a surprise that CBD was also found to have less side effects than the prescribed medication. Not only does CBD seem to be effective at reducing the pain, evidence suggests that it is also capable of decreasing the number of overall headaches a person experiences. Additionally, some people found that it worked to prevent their migraines.

The best evidence we have available today is the testimony of millions of people who use CBD oil for relief from various types of headaches. There are ample studies proving that CBD is able to provide pain relief for many other conditions, most notably conditions like arthritis that are directly linked to inflammation. Since many over the counter medications work by diminishing inflammation it’s easy to see how CBD oil could be effect as well. Since medicines like Tylenol and Advil all have more potential side effects than CBD oil, it makes sense that people would choose to try CBD and dump the old remedies. Before taking similar steps and trying CBD for yourself it is always smart to speak with a doctor. They will be able to provide the best medical advice specific to your body.




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