Does CBD Help with Sleep?

Cannabis has been around for thousands of years, during which time it has been used in different cultures and time periods for different purposes. In modern times the health benefits of CBD are becoming more thoroughly studied, while at the same time acceptance of cannabis from a legal point of view is increasing. CBD, unlike THC, isn’t responsible for producing a high or any kind of mind-altering effects. It has many benefits, though, such as helping with mood disorders like anxiety and depression, relieving pain, and even fighting some chronic diseases. Another reason a lot of people are looking to try CBD is its potential benefits for sleep.

CBD’s Sleep Benefits

Many people have found that CBD has helped them to sleep better, but the results are ultimately somewhat varied. One of the main possible reasons could be that CBD is known to help reduce anxiety. Anxiety is often at the root of sleeping problems. In fact, some people will have anxiety specifically related to trying to sleep at night because of their troubles. CBD helps calm the mind, reduce stress, and increase mood. Being more relaxed and feeling at ease at night helps many people fall asleep easier.

There is also some evidence to suggest that CBD might help those suffering from REM behavior disorder. This disorder causes disruptive sleep and sometimes even self-injury because the body isn’t paralyzed during REM like normal. CBD might also be able to help with REM sleep abnormalities for those who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Some conflicting evidence questions the length of time in which CBD helps people sleep. It is possible that CBD’s ability to improve sleep could gradually decrease with extended use. Using it during the day or long-term might not be best. In one study done by Scott Shannon, M.D., insomnia, and sleeplessness were most improved in the first month, but afterwards, the effects began to fade. Low doses of CBD may cause more wakefulness. If you are aiming to sleep better, it is most advisable to try higher doses. Many users suggest that 30 mg is a good place to start and go up slowly from there if it doesn’t help.

Vaping CBD As a Sleep Aid

The form in which CBD is consumed may also play some role in how effective it is for helping with sleep. CBD gummies, oils, and pills might help a person stay asleep longer, but vaping CBD could work quicker. This is because the CBD is released more slowly when you eat it than when you smoke it. The bottom line is that there is evidence that CBD can help with sleep, especially for anyone suffering from anxiety or pain as well as insomnia.


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