Receptra CBD Oil Review

Receptra Hemp Oil Photo

Based in Colorado, Receptra is one of the leading CBD oil products on the market today.

While the focus has mostly been on the athletic community, the result has been a wide-ranging customer base that has accepted Receptra as the CBD oil of choice. The active lifestyle that is promoted by the product has been one of its great selling points.

But does it live up to the hype? With so many CBD oil products on the market, understanding if Receptra is right for your needs starts with how to use this product.

How to Use the Product

The CBD oil is taken orally with a drop behind the tongue. It is recommended that adults take up to a single full dropper three times per day.

Those who have never taken CBD oil before are recommended to start with a low amount first and gradually build up.

Health Benefits

The health benefits as provided by Receptra CBD oil is typical of most CBD oil products on the market today. The difference is that the strength is designed for athletes, who generally undergo more stress, more muscle strain, and minor injuries as compared to non-athletes.

The effects of taking Receptra CBD oil include the following;

  • Lowers inflammation and pain
  • Reduces stress
  • Eases anxiety symptoms
  • Helps focus the brain

Additional Products

In addition to the CBD oil only products are topical creams designed to relieve muscle stress and lower inflammation directly.

Simply apply it to the area of muscle soreness for fast relief. There is also a body butter which is similar to the cream but adds antioxidants and nutrients to promote healthy skin.

There is even a lip balm that is infused with CBD oil. The product also includes Vitamin E, shorea butter, and golden jojoba oil for extra smooth lips. Add zinc oxide for protection from the sun and you have a remarkable product.

Pros & Cons

There are considerable benefits to using Receptra, starting with the inclusion of other ingredients that help separate it from the competition.

In particular, the use of grapeseed, MCT, avocado oils, and other fatty acids actually assist in reducing inflammation and easing the circulatory system. Other benefits include the following;

  • Variable strength
  • Versatile product application
  • Sterling reputation
  • High quality hemp

While the company itself is quite transparent on the origins of the CBD oil they provide, there is very little information about the brand itself.


Overall, Receptra CBD Oil is an exceptional product. While designed for athletes, it also works for those who live an active lifestyle. If you work out, then these products are definitely for you.


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